Opportunities Outside Academia

If you're looking for opportunities outside of academia, I can help you.

One first step in the process is to attend one of the many workshops I offer on how to prepare an effective résumé. I also provide a basic template here. Additionally, you may need a cover letter (See very basic template (one page!)). I will be happy to review both, once you're done.

In addition, you should:

Keep me posted on your progress. Good luck, and all the best!

General Advice--Transferable Skills

As a postdoc, the world is your oyster, as long as you develop the following skills :

  • Teamwork. Collaborating effectively with people from other disciplines.
  • Communication. Learn to sell your ideas and to convince others in writing and speaking.
  • Flexibility. Better be a generalist than a specialist.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Willingness to take risks, to think outside the box. Get out of your shell. Think innovation.
  • Ability to build professional friendships (quality) rather than network superficially (quantity). Keep in touch with your contacts. Relationships are key.
  • Basic business skills (using email effectively, running effective meetings, etc.). If needed, audit business-related courses (for example at the Extension School)
  • Build your mentorship skills.

Please review the 6 core competencies identified by the NPA (National Postdoc Association).

General Advice--Constructive Strategies

  • Be open to, and grab, opportunities to broaden your skills.Be proactive in your search.
  • Use alumni connections (especially lab alumni networks).
  • Pursue informational interviews.
  • During interviews, ask lots of questions (which shows that you're an inquisitive person).
  • Temporary jobs are a great way to get a foot in the door.
  • Seek jobs that are exciting to you. You're a Harvard postdoc: The world is your oyster.

A couple more resources:

Additional Resources available at the FAS Office of Career Services