Where and How to Look?

Your job search in industry should follow two parallel routes: identifying interesting positions in good companies and networking (into them, if needed).

Unlike undergraduate students, postdocs don't get jobs by scanning job listings and sending their materials. The only reason to use some of the job search engines mentioned below are to get ideas of the kinds of positions out there, based on your expertise, and to get ideas about which companies might be attractive (field, location, etc.).

Postdocs get jobs by networking, i.e., talking to people you know, reaching out to people you (should try to) meet everywhere, notably at conferences, social events, and even on LinkedIn. Advice on using LinkedIn can be found in several places, notably on some of the handouts prepared by Sabrina Woods here.

Once you have some ideas, shoot me an email and we can brainstrom together.

Harvard-Enabled Resources

GSAS clubs (open to postdocs). See Engage, a centralized platform that allows members of the GSAS community to find and join graduate student groups, events, and news. All you need is Harvard Key access.