Postdoctoral Awards for Professional Development

The FAS Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Postdoctoral Awards for Professional Development (PAPD) are designed to support the professional development needs of postdocs and research associates on the Harvard Cambridge campus by providing reimbursement for activities that directly enhance the individual's professional growth, and which their PIs or faculty advisors may be unable to fund. Such activities include, but are not limited to, conference travel, workshop attendance, and course enrollment.

The awards are open to full-time postdocs in all disciplines on the Harvard Cambridge campus. Each recipient will receive an award of up to $750. A limited number of awards will be given in each award cycle [December 1st – May 30th; June 1st – November 30th].

This round of Awards is closed due to the pandemic.


1. Applicants must be one of the following:

    •    Fellow, Postdoc, Int PD (job code 069591),
    •    Fellow, Postdoc, Ext PD (job code 000949),
    •    Postdoc, Visiting, Stip (job code 061019),
    •    Research Associate (job code 061103) with upwards salary limit of $60k, or
    •    a College Fellow (job code 000303).

If you are unsure of your classification, check with your departmental administrator.

2. Applicants must have their primary appointment in one of the following schools: Faculty of Arts and Sciences; School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Graduate School of Design; Harvard Law School; Harvard Graduate School of Education; Harvard Divinity School; Harvard Kennedy School.

3. The award favors applicants who have been invited to give a talk or poster, or whose conference abstracts/posters/papers have been accepted. The awards committee may decide to offer a conditional award to applicants whose materials may be accepted late in the award cycle, but those who have been invited or accepted by the award deadline will have preference over those who have submitted proposals but not heard back.

4. Postdocs are eligible to receive only one Professional Development award during their time at Harvard.

5. Postdocs must submit a separate application for each activity per award cycle.

6. Awards cannot be used for computers, related technology purchases, or personal electronic devices.

7. Awards are for up to $750. Partial funding may be awarded at the discretion of the awards committee.

8. The award funds must be used while the applicant is still employed as a postdoc at Harvard.

9. Awards will not be made retroactively, such as for travel completed prior to date of application.

10. All original receipts, records, and similar financial documentation relating to award expenditures must be presented to the FAS Office of Postdoctoral Affairs for reimbursement of expenses. If appropriate documentation is not provided, the award will not be given.

11. Funds must be expended as outlined in the application and budget. The award may not be used for any purpose other than that originally proposed.

Applications must consist of the following:

  1. A completed online application, available here: Application link.
  2. A completed, online statement of support from your Faculty Advisor/Principal Investigator, available here: PI Statement.
  3. A current curriculum vitae, submitted as a PDF document to