Policy on Outside Activities

Postdoc involvement in outside activities, notably consulting, is subject to the following requirements:

  • No use of Harvard resources: No Harvard facilities or other resources may be used in doing outside consulting work, and this work must be done a postdoc's own personal time.
  • Cannot engage in consulting activities during Harvard 100% appointment on sponsored awards: If the postdoc is expending 100% of their effort on sponsored awards, they do not have time to engage in outside activities. This is a red flag for federal agencies.
  • Update Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosure: If in the reporting population (e.g., NIH or NSF “investigators”), postdocs will need to update their disclosure in Harvard's compliance system, OAIR, to include consulting effort and salary.
  • COI management plan if engaged with faculty member’s startup company: The COI management plan requires the Divisional Dean’s signature as well as a disclosure to lab members/peers.
  • Visa considerations in the case of international postdocs. Please check with HIO advisor to make sure the consulting activities are not in contravention of the terms of your visa.