Harvard Benefits-eligible Postdocs

Harvard benefits-eligible Postdocs and Research Associates include:

  • "Employee" Internal Postdocs: Funded by a PI and on Harvard payroll (receiving a salary and a W2)
  • Stipendee Postdocs in CCB, MCB, OEB, Psychology, CBS, or HSCRB, who have been awarded an individual fellowship and receive a stipend (not a salary) through Harvard.
  • Research Associates, funded by a PI or on their own grants.

The benefits available to this group are summarized in this Benefits Summary Table.

-------> If you haven't yet signed up for benefits, all your options are explained in videos prepared by the benefits office.

The Benefits Office in Cambridge will send each newly appointed postdoc information on all the benefit plans, including costs, which is also available here (The Benefits Office confirmed this information applies, even though postdocs are not explicitly mentioned in the document).

Please note that all benefits-eligible individuals must sign up for benefits within the first thirty (30) days of employment. It is the responsibility of the individual postdoc to ensure that s/he is enrolled in a benefit plan before the 30-day enrollment period ends.

For additional information, please contact the Benefits Office directly: 
114 Mt. Auburn Street, 4th floor, Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: benefits@harvard.edu
Phone: 617-496-4001; Fax: 617-496-3000